Scientific, effective and targeted treatment


Clinic for reversal autoimmune and chronic diseases

Diagnostic analysis at molecular and genetic level

Medicine At The Cellular Level

The Metabolic Medicine approach is totally different from classical medicine – it treats the human organism as a single biological system, formed of billions of cells, which communicate perfectly with one another, work together and operate in such a way as to maintain the good health of the organism.

15 years of experience

In the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune and chronic disorders

Individualized Treatment

Treatment according to the biochemical individuality of each patient

Reverse your autoimmune and chronic disease and take back your life!

Our mission is to help patients recover their health

Method applications

Autoimmune diseases

Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, thyroiditis Hashimoto, psoriasis, Chrohn’s disease.

Chronic diseases

Hypertension, gastro-intestinal disorders, dermatological diseases, allergies, thyroid disorders, hormonal disorders, autism etc.

Metabolic diseases

Diabetes Mellitus, metabolic syndrome, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases related to metabolic disorders.

The key in Reversing Chronic Disease Conditions require discover the real root cause behind any patient health problem, address these causal factors, thus helping the body, gradually and steadily, to restore good health and well-being.

Cause indentified → Cause addressed → Health restored to the fullest degree possible

Is Metabolic Medicine suitable for me?

Choose Metabolic Medicine if:

You are discouraged and disappointed

from going doctor to doctor, unable to find why you are ill, carrying with you a medical diagnosis that has overhelmed you, discovering simultaneously that drugs only ease your symptoms, sometimes with side effects that make you feel even worse and allowing your disease to progress undisturbed.

You live a very active life

physically (professional, performance athletes) or emotionally, and you want to increase your energy levels and your performance.

You want to maintain or improve your good health

to prevent the occurence of various diseases and premature aging, or you just need to regain more energy and vitality for your body.